The mythical history of the dance is that all the devotees come together to come to Kaalaiyam and ask that Lord Shiva create something that is always in our minds and that it is possible to enjoy the existence of the soul. The sound of the tune from the squeaky, so that he was in the hands of all the gods.

The legendary Lord Paramasivan played the rope, played the crescent, played the paddock, and his thin brow shouted, so that he was in the mood. The sweetness of the pleasant sound is ringing everywhere. Actually, Brahmins is the first dance in the world. The universe was shaken by Shiva’s dance. The stars shouted from the surface and the sea shouted that the gods were afraid of the goddess, and the gods, the cosmos and the ghouls were shaken, so they asked us to dance for us with a mild and gracious dancing.

When the sound appeared from Tamar, he realized that his dance was also worthy of the Lord, and the Lord broke the tamarukam with the burly side and gave it to Maha Vishnu. This is known as Maddalam or Mirudhangam. Madhusudhanan Maha Vishnu’s flea the Maththalam and Bramhan put the rhythm Paramasivan to dance the dance is beautiful and attractive and elegant. Mahadevan’s waist interaction with the flag was flexibility dance called waist Thandavam. Rudra Thandaravam was originally known as the ritual of the first dance. The desire to dance in Parvathi also seemed to be desirous. Parvathi Parameshwara also taught Parvathi to perform Parvati’s unique dancing to Paramasaivan and Parvati devi was very gracious to teach that dancing to Parvati.

The devotees who saw Sivasakthi dancing prayed to Lord Shiva to extend the rich dance to the world. Paramasivan taught the dance to be called “Thandavam” and Parvathi taught the dance of ‘Laassiyam’ to tell the goddess of the dance to the sage of the devotees who taught there to the sage the techniques of the dance. the devotees to the disciple teach dramatic theology(Naaddiya Saasthiram)  the devotees to the disciple of the sage wrote this is as a book of thaandavam.

Parvati taught his companion and Ushai daughter of Vanasur, the Ushai, to teach the dance Devalokam devotees to the gods and to the Kantarvalokam devotees of the devotees. Similarly, the disciples who lived in Paradarshasthiras’s padharishi dance to the taught were split around the world. When the Sage Sage teaches his disciples, the world of the universe and the universe and the sareerabinayam four books of the fourteen dioceses are the Sacred Sacraments, and the Paramasivan Sadthwehabuniyam.

Eswaran also teaches lashes with Parvati has to ‘Laasyam’ and Nandigeswaran has to ‘Thandawam’ with the sculpture. He said in parallel to his paradigm, that paradisiacal majesty, speed and rage is only suitable to men, soft and gracious and suitable for lace women.

Brahmdevan created the grammar of the scripture. From the Rith scripture in the waachiham, Jasurveda from the Abinaya, the passage from Samaveda, and the Atharvaveda from the Rasabaavam, the four of them are the best artists in the world with a 32 hundred thousand destiny dance classical grammar. Brahmany greeted that the moral, material, happiness, and house of the four endow of the provide will give him the strength of grief, fear, sadness and hatred, and remove the diversity.

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