Half year exam 2022/23

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Half year exam 2022/23

The man who appeared in the world gave life to the sounds and his oral language was formed. He gave birth to his mother tongue. He added a special ‘়’ hand to the mother tongue and Tamil is the best. The ancient and unique Tamil language of about five thousand years ago, with its literary richness and grammatical range, has developed over time to become a high-class classical language and today it is a source of pride for Tamils to surf on the computer.

In the context of living in the diaspora and with the vision of our descendants to learn the sweet, simple and elegant Tamil language, we have been teaching with experienced teachers for 30 years at the Berlin Tamil Academy, which has been operating for about forty years, with the help of experienced teachers.

The Half year exam Tamil and Religion for the academic year 2022-23 was held on Saturday 18.02.2023 in the subject of Tamil and Saivaism. More than a hundred students from developmental classes from Kindergarten to twelfth took the exam and demonstrated their skills.
Under the leadership and supervision of Mr. Balachanthiran Balasubramaniam, the administrator of our Tamilalaya, the examinations were conducted in a fair and impartial manner as per the specified time table. When I saw that all the students took the exam with joy and enthusiasm, I could feel that the teaching method, activities and parental cooperation were perfect for the students.
Let’s ensure that students will learn Tamil language and vegetarianism clearly and work together to achieve better regulation in the coming times as well.

Like the trinity in the word ‘Tamil’, let us unite Tamil and Tamil with the magic word, let us support the growing younger generation with Tamil language, vegetarianism, culture and self-identity as a tree rooted everywhere!

Long live Vayagam! Long live Senthamil!!
Let’s join Tharani in Tamil!